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Professional Organizations

American Orff Schulwerk Association (AOSA) 
Arts Wisconsin
Association of the Wisconsin Areas Kodaly Educators (AWAKE)
Dalcroze Society of America
Gordon Institute for Music Learning 
National Association for Music Education (MENC)
National Band Association (NBA)- Wisconsin Chapter
Wisconsin Alliance for Arts Education
Wisconsin Arts Board
Wisconsin Chapter of the American String Teachers Association (WiASTA)
Wisconsin Choral Directors Association (WCDA)
Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC)
Wisconsin Music Educators Association (WMEA)
Wisconsin Music Teachers Assocation (WMTA)
Wisconsin Youth Band Directors Association (WYBDA)

Professional Development Resources

Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Professional Development Resources
DPI Professional Development Plan (PDP) Resources  
DPI PDP Reviewer and Team Member Lists
DPI Teacher Licensing and Renewal
MENC Mentoring Site
PI 34 Wisconsin Quality Educator Initiative  
Praxis Series: Teacher Licensure and Certification
Quality Educator Interactive (QEI) 
Wisconsin Center for Music Education Professional Development Offerings
WEAC Professional Development Academy  
WMEA Professional Development Opportunities Listing

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Educational Resources

AdademicInfo: Subject Guides and Educational Resource Lists
MENC Books (Rowman & Littlefield Education
MENC Copyright Center
Music Ed Magic  
UW-Madison Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives
Wisconsin Educational Representatives Association (Educational Publisher List)
Wisconsin Folks 
Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture

Advocacy Resources

MENC Advocacy Site  
National Arts Education Public Awareness Campaign

Technology - Distance Learning

AT&T Knowledge Network Explorer
Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration 
CESA 7 Distance Learning Resources
CESA 10 Electronic Field Trips
iTunes U
Northern Wisconsin Educational Communications System (NWECS) Virtual Field Trips
TWICE: Two-Way Interactive Connections in Education
UW Extension Instructional Communications Systems (ICS
Wisconsin Association of Distance Education Networks (WADEN)

Suggested Links

Entertaining Your Brain:Guide to the Mozart Effect

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