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These Wisconsin State Standards reflect the licensing requirements and curriculum guidelines as indicated by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction PI 34 Administrative Rules and Model Academic Standards. They are included here to provide support for your participation in professional development workshops offered by the Wisconsin Center for Music Education.  Descriptions of professional development workshops offered will include the standards that are enforced in each workshop.

Wisconsin Teaching Standards
Teachers in Wisconsin will:

1. Know the subjects they are teaching.
2. Know how children grow.
3. Understand that children learn differently.
4. Know how to teach.
5. Know how to manage a classroom.
6. Communicate well.
7. Be able to plan different kinds of lessons.
8. Know how to test for student progress.
9. Be able to evaluate themselves.
10. Be connected with other teachers and the community.

Wisconsin Administrator Standards
Adminstrators in Wisconsin will:

1. Understand Wisconsin Teaching Standards.
2. Lead with a shared vision.
3. Nurture and sustain a unified school culture and instructional program.
4. Effectively manage the school's organization, operations, finances and resources.
5. Collaborate with families and communities.
6. Act with integrity, fairness, and in an ethical manner.
7. Understand the larger political, social, economic, legal and cultural contexts that affect schooling.

Wisconsin Pupil Services Standards
Pupil Services Professionals in Wisconsin will:

1. Understand Wisconsin Teaching Standards.
2. Understand how to support pupil learning, health, safety and development.
3. Be able to research issues and trends for school improvement.
4. Represent professional ethics and social behaviors.
5. Understand collaborative programs within educational settings.
6. Understand the wide range of possible student issues and circumstances.
7. Work effectively with students, parents, teachers and the community.

Wisconsin Music Standards are also referenced because the workshops and courses offered at the Wisconsin Center for Music Education will reinforce or teach new ideas that teachers can use in the classroom with their students.  Standards are labeled by letter as they are listed in the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Music.

Students in Wisconsin will:

A. Sing, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.
B. Play, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.
C. Improvise music.
D. Compose and arrange music.
E. Read and notate music.
F. Analyze and describe music.
G. Evaluate music and music performances.
H. Relate music to the other arts and disciplines outside the arts.
I. Relate music to history and culture.

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