• Professional Development Opportunities

Schedule of Workshops

The following workshops are being offered through the Wisconsin Center for Music Education. Workshop locations will vary; please be sure to check the web site for complete details. Click on individual course links for details. Any questions please contact Mary Elsner at the Wisconsin Center for Music Education. 800-589-9762.

June 15-16 Finale Notation Software, Level 1
June 17-18 Finale Notation Software, Level 2
June 19 Finale Notation Lab
June 22-26 Comprehensive Musicianship Through Performance
June 22-24 WCDA Choral Director Skills Workshop
June 25-26 Working with Young Singers PK-8
June 29 SmartMusic Learning Software for Band, Orchestra & Vocals, Level 1
June 30 SmartMusic Learning Software for Band, Orchestra & Vocals, Level 2
July 6-7 Composition and Improvisation in the Classroom: Keeping It Safe and Simple
July 9-10 Guitar Class: Let's Get Started!
July 13-14 Middle School Band: Motivation, Practice, Literature, Concerts that Teach
July 20-24 Music Education Technology Week - Different focus each day!
July 23-24 Guitar Class Ensemble Repertoire and Classroom Activities
July 27-30 Dalcroze Eurhythmics for Music Educators CANCELLED
Aug 3-7 Elementary Methods Week - Different method focus each day!
Aug 10-11 Vocal Jazz Institute
Aug 10-11 Strum, Hum & Drum
Aug 12 Disciplinary Literacy in the Arts /Fine Arts Assessment
Aug 13 Choral Music by Wisconsin Composers - Reading Session
Aug 21 Les Paul, The Wizard of Waukesha - Classroom Resources & Field Trip