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TIMOTHY SCHAID, Executive Director (Email)

  • State Office Staff Supervision
  • Budget & Finance Planning (WSMA, WMEA, WFSM)
  • District & State Festival Management Support
  • WMEA State Conference Coordinator
  • WSMA, WMEA & WFSM Boards & Board Committees
  • WSMA, WFSM Strategic Planning

  • Wisconsin Center for Music Education Planning & Development
Committees: WMEA State Conference, WFSM, WSMA & WMEA Executive Committees, Strategic Planning, WSMA/WMEA/WFSM Joint Planning Committee, Program Committees

KERRIE BREY, Finance Manager (Email)

  • Accounting (WSMA, WMEA, WFSM)
    • Festival Subsidy Processing
    • Invoicing
    • Audit & Budget Planning
    • Payables & Receivables
    • Personnel Payroll & Benefit Records
  • State Conference
    • Conference Manager
    • Session/Presenter Logistics Coordinator
Committees: State Conference Planning, Budget and Policy Committee

MARY ELSNER, Professional Development Manager (Email)

  • Student Composition Project Support
  • Launchpad Planning and Communication
  • WCME Events Planning & Coordination
    • Workshops, Meetings, Special Events
  • WMEA Board Meeting Arrangements & Support
  • WFSM Board Support
  • WSMA Board Meeting Arrangements & Support

Committees: State Conference Planning Team, WMEA Board, Launchpad Team, Professional Development, Joint Board Planning Committee, WFSM Board, WSMA Board

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KAY ENDRES, Program Associate (Email)

  • Telephone Services
  • Award Certificates Preparation & Distribution
  • Service Award Nominations
  • Richard G. Gaarder Award Nominations
  • WSMA/WMEA Board Support

RICHARD FELLENZ, Operations Manager (Email)

  • Field Rep Coordination
  • Festivals
    • Music List Permissions
    • Festival Music List
    • WSMA Award Store Support
  • Richard and Nancy Wolf Resource Center Coordination
  • Historical Archives & Records

Committees: Festivals Steering Committee, Field Rep Steering Committee, Solo & Ensemble Festival Committee, Richard and Nancy Wolf Resource Center Committee

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SHELLEY HOOPER, Program Director (Email)

  • Solo & Ensemble and Concert Festivals
    • Schedules & Calendar
    • Registrations
    • Festival Computer System Development, Training & Technical Support
    • Festival Day Phone Support
    • State Festival Manager Contact
  • Middle Level Honors Coordinator
  • WSMA Membership Coordination
Committees: Concert Festival Committee, Festival Computer Committee, Festivals Steering Committee, Middle Level Honors Committee

JERRY HROVAT, Program Associate (Email)

  • Comprehensive Musicianship Through Performance (CMP) Project Support
  • WMEA Listening Project
  • State Conference Stage & Equipment Management

Committees: High School Honors Committee, Publications Committee, CMP Committee, Listening Project Committee

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JAMIE KEMBER, Development Associate (Email)

  • Wisconsin Foundation for School Music (WFSM) Development Support
  • WFSM Communications Assistance
  • WFSM Special Events Assistance
  • Music Measures Coordination
  • Mobile Giving
  • Social Media Manager

Committees: WFSM Board of Trustees Secretary, Development Committee

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JUDY KOPP, Program Associate (Email)

  • Telephone Services
  • Mailing List Rental Requests
  • Program Support
  • WSMA/WMEA Board Meeting Preparation Support

THERESA McKINLEY, Director of Technology Services (Email)

  • Solo & Ensemble and Concert Festivals:
    • Festival Music List
    • State Festivals - Scheduling of Entries
    • State Festival Computer System Development
    • Festival Computer System Development, Training & Technical Support
    • WSMA Award Store support
  • WASB Music Showcase Auditions Coordination
  • Development and Technical Support of WSMA Databases

Committees: Festival Music Committee, Festivals Steering Committee, WSMA Strategic Planning Committee, WSMA/WMEA/WFSM Joint Planning Committee

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LINDA MEIER, Program Associate (Email)
  • Solo & Ensemble and Concert Festivals
    • Festival Music List
  • Program Support
Committees: Festival Music Committee, Field Rep Steering Committee, WMEA Capitol Concerts

MACKENZIE PITTERLE, Development & Marketing Associate (Email)

  • Advertising Coordinator
  • State Conference Exhibitor Coordinator
  • Grants and Sponsorship Writer
  • Wisconsin Foundation for School Music Development Support
  • WFSM Board Support

Committees: Development Committee, Investment Committee, Policy & Bylaws Committee, WMEA Conference Planning Committee, Richard and Nancy Wolf Resource Center Committee

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ANNE PROESCHOLDT, Program Associate - 
Member Services (Email)

  • WSMA/WMEA-NAfME Membership Records
  • Non-member/Home School Participation Information & Registration
  • Festivals
    • Registration Processing
    • Subsidy Processing
    • Concert Festival Participation & Results Verification
    • WSMA Award Store Support
  • State Music Conference Registration & Records
  • Program Support


KEVIN THAYS, Director of Communications (Email)

  • Wisconsin School Musician (Editor)
  • Updater, Soundwaves & WMEA District Newsletters (Editor)
  • News Releases
  • Promotional Materials Coordination
  • Launchpad Media Coordination
  • WSMA, WMEA, WFSM Communications
  • Website Development
  • Capitol Concerts Coordination

Committees: State Conference Planning, Wisconsin Advocates for Music Education (WAME), WMEA Council, WSMA Publications Committee

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TIM WURGLER, Program Director (Email)

  • Solo & Ensemble and Concert Festivals
    • Adjudicator Certification
    • Adjudicator Assignments & Contracts
    • State Festival Time Requests
    • Technical and Telephone Support
  • State Marching Band Championships
  • State Fair Showcases
  • High School State Honors Project
  • Launchpad
  • Student Composition Project

Committees: Festivals Steering Committee, Adjudication Committee, High School Honors Committee, Marching Band Committee, Liaison to WCDA

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