• Professional Development Opportunities

Schedule of Workshops

The following workshops are being offered through the Wisconsin Center for Music Education. Workshop locations will vary; please be sure to check the web site for complete details. Click on individual course links for details. Any questions please contact Mary Elsner at the Wisconsin Center for Music Education. 800-589-9762.

October 31 WSMA Adjudicators Workshop
Nov 6-7 Danielson Framework & CMP
Nov 13-14 Composition and Improvisation in the Classroom: Keeping It Safe and Simple
Jan 15-16 Zimbabwe Marimba for the General Music Classroom
Jan 22-23 Encouraging Independent Musicians: Small Ensemble Curriculum in the LArge Ensemble Classroom
Jan 29-30 Guitar Class: Let's Get Started!
Feb 5-6 CMP Winter Workshop
Feb 26-27 Assessment in the Performance Classroom